Mailbox certified

Sciandra Studio offers all its customers the opportunity to create a mailbox-type certified
We offer three possible service configurations alternative and / or complementary
eQUIP customers a PEC
the firm will handle the creation / activation of PEC
as well as the communication to the Companies Register. Then will be given the credentials to access and manage the PEC at your premises.
MANAGE PEC turned on in the name and on behalf of the client
warrant issued clearance, the firm will fully managing the PEC. Creation, activation, notifies the Registry business and daily check of the box;
Study will also provide technical support for any configuration of email clients available on your PC (Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, etc …);

PEC Request – 1 year subscription 15 €

Fill in the fields below and indicate how it would like to see created your mailbox certified PEC. Finally, click on the green button REQUEST PEC, you will be contacted during the day to complete the activation
Or contact us directly at or number 0185 307689

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